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Yetwene Project is accountable

About USD 26 million in investment, expenses and the social sector in Lunda-Norte.

Yetwene Project is accountable
The Yetwene Project, in line with the National Development Plan in vigour - with regard to the need to expand diamond reserves, increase production, attract foreign exchange and create new jobs - and the result of the strategies and investment made by Mountain Stability (the company promoting the investment in the Project), has so far accounted for an amount of approximately USD 26,000,000.00 in investment, spending and social intervention.

This amount was mainly incorporated in the prospecting, research, reconnaissance and evaluation of diamond deposits and in the construction of technical and social infrastructures.

As a result of the investment made in the Project, it has been possible to generate direct and indirect jobs, and in a relevant manner to promote local and national employability and, consequently, to combat poverty.

Currently, the Human Capital of the Project is 217 workers, of which 95% are national, 20% are female, 55% are young people, aged between 19 and 42 years old, and 7% are paid trainees.
In parallel to the generation of direct jobs, to date more than 300 indirect jobs have been created.


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