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Yetwene - project diamond

Concession area
The Project Yetwene mine is part of the Chicapa watershed. This is one of the most significant diamond potential basins. It is economically viable since we can find many known and promising kimberlite bodies in this area.

Yetwene - project diamond

The Project's implementation
objectives include

Expand diamond reserves

Increasing diamond reserves and contributing to Angola's economy is one of the exploration objectives.

Increase production

Increase national diamond production and grow the Angolan economy

Foreign exchange and revenue

Raising foreign exchange and revenue for the Angolan State, injecting liquidity into the economy

Create new jobs

Direct and indirect job creation in line with the National Development Plan 2018-2022

Yetwene - project diamond

Sustainable Environmental Management
As for Sustainable Environmental Management, through Environmental Technical Studies and compliance with national and international standards, we have taken the following actions:
  • Protection of fauna and flora;
  • Protection of water resources;
  • Land and landscape use, protection and restoration;
  • Pollution control;
  • Rehabilitation and reforestation;
  • Mine deactivation and closure;
  • Monitoring, reporting and auditing.
Yetwene - project diamond

Social responsability

Our social responsibility program is based on three primary pillars/levels of action, which include internal and external corporate social aspects:
  • Corporate social responsibility
  • Internal social responsibility
  • External social responsibility


We count on the best partners to continue to develop the areas where we are operating


We support operations in Angola, Portugal, United Arab Emirates and South Africa
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