Yetwene - project diamond

The mine

Yetwene - project diamond

The "Project Yetwene" mine

Yetwene - project diamond

Research and Prospecting

After the prospecting work, it was possible to identify, with a great degree of precision, the reserves and resources present on both banks of the Chicapa and Lumanhe rivers. Reserves of 1,621,000 carats, resulting from prospecting carried out in only 17% of the concession, with a variable content of 0.26 carats/m3 and an average stone size that varies from 0.35 to 0.51, characterized by having more than 70% of diamonds of gem quality and varieties of shades (blues, pinks and yellows).
It can initially produce approximately 13,800 Qts/month, with the start-up of two treatment units in the first year corresponding to about 96,500 carats/year. With the start of a second work front (2nd year), we expect an annual recovery of approximately 290,000 carats.
The minimum sale price in the international market will be 350 USD.
The “Project Yetwene” mine is part of the Chicapa watershed. This is one of the basins with the most significant diamond potential. It is economically viable since many known and promising kimberlite bodies can be found in this area. They are well documented and identified along the Chicapa River, such as the Camachico and Camatchia entry lines in the Luo concession and the large Camafuca - Camazambo kimberlite complex about 30 km south of the Yetwene concession. It is a fact that high-value diamond stones, coloured and of various shapes, are associated with the primary and secondary deposits of the Chicapa river drainage system.
Exploração e prospeção mineira
Yetwene - project diamond

Mining exploration and prospecting

Zona de concessão
Yetwene - project diamond

Concession area

Trabalhos de mineração
Yetwene - project diamond

Mining works

Within the scope of the geological-mining research study, carried out for two years, to determine the feasibility of the project, as well as the fulfilment of the objectives of the prospecting phase, which involved an area of 17% of the concession, a total investment of USD 6 000 000 was made.
Studies carried out by the company Xcallibur, give us a forecast of the mine's useful life of 10 to 20 years, with a potential of 5,000,000 Qts.
It should be noted that the most critical point of the Yetwene concession is that most of the concession's contract area is virgin, so its economic potential is not known. In the short term, the "Project Yetwene" will implement an aggressive and systematic exploration plan to identify and assimilate more efficiently the reserves and additional resources in the northern area of the concession, known as Chicapa Norte.
These parameters are within perfectly acceptable economic limits and demonstrate that the deposits now being prospected are economically viable. It is important to note that there is no evidence of prospecting activity outside the Lumanche-Chicapa Sul area at any time in the history of prospecting and production activities in the Yetwene concession. This fact considerably influences the potential of existing reserves.
Yetwene - project diamond


Camião basculante
Yetwene - project diamond

Dump truck


Yetwene - project diamond


Following the geological characteristics of the Yetwene Project area, the Exploration Department opted for the open pit exploration method, with a parameter of cut widths between 12 and 15 meters and a minimum length of 100 meters. Remove and lowering works will always be carried out in parallel with the cuts already extracted to allow the restoration of the ecosystem in the degraded area.
An investment of around 14,000,000.00 (fourteen million US dollars) was made in equipment for exploration and 2,500,000.00 (two million, five hundred thousand US dollars) for the recovery of degraded areas in a 5-year horizon.
To reach the monthly production target of 13,800 carats foreseen for the first year, an average extraction of 55,200 m3 of ore will occur, and 276,000 m3 of waste will be removed. The loading operation will be carried out by backhoe loaders, emphasising the 3.1 m3 CAT 349D, 4.6 m3 CAT 390D and 4 m3 CAT 966 wheel loaders. The transport will be carried out by the fleet made up of 23 m3 CAT 740B trucks, and the extra works are carried out by various equipment, among which we highlight the CAT D7R, CAT D8R, CAT D9R tractors and the CAT 14H motor grader.

Yetwene - project diamond

Mining Treatment

The Yetwene Project will treat an average of 125 m3/h of ore, around 385,560 m3 in the first year. A process that follows the following chains:

  • Grain size separation;
  • densimetric separation;
  • Diamond concentration by X-Ray;
  • Diamond chipping.
For the second year, an average of 219 m3/h of ore is estimated to be treated, around 1,135,296 m3/year. Approximately USD 4,000,000.00 (four million US dollars) was invested in the "Lavaria" (PT MB 100, DMS 50 THP and Double Stage flow sort Machine).
As part of the expansion of the project, we intend to increase the capacity of production in the second year, with the start-up of the third MB150 treatment plant, by reinvesting approximately USD 7,000,000.00 (seven million US dollars), from the net sales proceeds of the first year's production. It is estimated that production will increase to up to 24,000 carats/month.

Yetwene - project diamond


As a sine "qua non premise" for the operation and development of the Company, investments were made in necessary infrastructure, namely:

  • access ways;
  • accommodation;
  • recreation and sports rooms;
  • warehouses;
  • workshops;
  • between others.

to guarantee the whole exercise of activities and achieve the recommended results.

The investments mentioned above in infrastructure are valued at approximately USD 6,000,000.00 (six million US dollars).

Yetwene - project diamond

It is one of the basins with the most significant diamond potential


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